We want our patients to focus their time and energy on their health and well-being, not insurance concerns. Our billing department goes above and beyond to offer clarity and support when it comes to insurance, so patients don’t have to worry. Our billing services also help reduce clerical tasks for providers, so they can continue to focus on providing high-quality patient care.
Jamie Loch

"Everyone at Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions understands there is more to a full service pharmacy than simply filling patients’ medications and sending them out the door. Our team genuinely strives to treat each patient with dignity, respect and compassion."


— Jamie Loch
Claims and Benefit Manager

We've Got You Covered

Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions accepts all forms of prescription medication coverage. This includes billing private insurance, Medicare Parts B & D, most Medicaid plans, special assistance programs and insurance cards.


Fertility Financing Options


We will determine the order of payers to ensure medications are billed correctly. If patients are covered by more than one plan, Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions uses all benefits available. This ensures patients receive the maximum coverage.

Financial Support

We understand medications can be costly. Our team helps patients research financial aid options, so they can focus their time and energy on their health and well-being. This includes working directly with manufacturers to apply co-pay cards. We also work with grants and foundations to help patients apply for financial help.


Reach us by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 877.794.9833, or use the form below.
If you need to manage payments, track an order status or make adjustments to a medication, you can do this quickly through our patient portal.